Dox Sweet Spot
This filly is so pretty and I love this mares babies, I have ridden enough of them that I can promise you she will be as fun to ride as she is to look at.  Paid in full to Future Fortunes, eliglible for VGBRA, BBI and BNI.

Horses For Sale

DOB: 04/06/2010
SEX: Gelding

PRICE: $3500
DOB: 04/01/2017
SEX: Filly
Upper Income
 This is now my main man and I am enjoying him to pieces.  He has a great mind and a wonderful disposition.  He is starting his career a little late in life but he is going to catch up fast.  Love these Instant Incomes.  Eligible for BBI, BNI, and VGBRA.
PRICE: $4500
DOB: 04/13/2015
SEX: Filly
Mi Bueno Income
This filly is so fun to ride.  Smart and quick, love these Instant Incomes and she is cute , cute.     2018 year Instant Income babies will be in Future Fortunes along with VGBRA and BBI and several others. In training with Cammie Papineau call her to try her out,


DOB: 4/05/2013
SEX: Filly
Dox Dat Carmalita
This is a very talented filly. She is very catty and quick.  I have ridden her all over everywhere so she has seen the sights but everyplace is still new to her.she just doesn't miss a thing.  She is loping a nice barrel pattern and she is going to be fun..   Paid in full to Future Fortunes, Eligible for BBI, BNI, and VGBRA.